Head muscles


The facial muscles around the mouth are:

  1. Orbicularis oris: This muscle surrounds the mouth and is responsible for puckering and closing the lips.
  2. Buccinator: This muscle is located in the cheek and helps to keep the cheek against the teeth. It also helps to form a seal between the lips and teeth, which is important for speaking and whistling.
  3. Levator labii superioris: This muscle elevates the upper lip.
  4. Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi: This muscle elevates the upper lip and flares the alae nasi (the wings of the nose).
  5. Risorius: This muscle draws the corners of the mouth laterally, which is involved in smiling.
  6. Levator anguli oris: This muscle elevates the corners of the mouth, which is also involved in smiling.
  7. Zygomaticus major and minor: These muscles pull the corners of the mouth up and laterally, producing a smile.
  8. Depressor anguli oris: This muscle depresses the corners of the mouth, which is involved in frowning.
  9. Mentalis: This muscle elevates the chin and depresses the lower lip, which is involved in pouting.

These muscles work together to create a variety of facial expressions, including smiling, frowning, pouting, and speaking.